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Calling breaks through! This can very different callings.

While we run our workshops and trainings churches might feel that a trainee has the qualifications as well as the right character for further pastoral or leadership training. 

Our workshops are a preparation for that. 

  1. The OLP scholarship is meant to help OLP trainees to come and attend the workshops and seminars (travel expenses and/or seminar fees) that belong to small churches that struggle to afford this kind of training but have trainees with calling and potential. Attendees that are unemployed, students or apprentices qualify for this type of support. 
  1. The second stage would be trainees that attended our workshops and seminars, went through our internship program and would like to continue their studies – recommended by their church. In order to help them with study fees we would like to establish the OLP sholarship programm. 

If you would like to contribute to this, you can donate to the project fund by assigning the funds to  „OLP scholarship“ This is our Paypal link in order to donate: 

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