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In close cooperation with your church and your mentor we look for opportunities to serve and grow in your ministry and areas of strength. This is your chance to put in to practice the sessions you learned in our workshops and seminars.

Areas we focus on:

What is on your heart? Together with the mentor from you church we are going to explore this! We’ll determine what type of training you might need for your specific situation. You have a unique calling that needs a tailor-made training.

Here are some of the things you might want to pursue: 

How to start and lead small groups
You like to work with people and you can adapt to a variety of situations. In this training you’ll learn how to start a small groups, how to train leaders for these small groups and how to navigate between the different cultures involved.

You like to talk to people about Christ? You want to communicate in a respectful way? We show you how to become more effective in this effort. You are going to learn about the different tools that can be used. Moreover, we’ll provide you opportunities to put things into practice.

Supporting people
You love to support people in difficult times? You are going to learn, how to do this without tiring yourself out. You’ll grow in replenishing your strength through the power of God and how to stay fresh and rested while serving others.

How to explain the Bible?
How can you apply the principles of the Bible in a practical way? You love to read the Bible, you ask yourself a lot of questions and you are looking for new study material all the time? You like to explain things and other people benefit from that? People like to listen to you and ask you questions. Then this is your focus point and we can help you to grow in this area.

To reach the unreachedI
It is very important to you that as many people as possible hear about the good News of the savior Jesus Christ. It’s important to you to avoid cultural pitfalls in this endeavor. If this is your passion, we can recommend participating in the Kairos course (currentliy translated into Farsi) and getting trained as a facilitator. This course can help you to find your role and place in the big picture of reaching the unreached and how you can encourage others to do the same.

Building bridges between cultures
You have a gift for understanding different cultures? You have a good grasp of you own culture? Then you might be qualified to built bridges between cultures. This way you can help e.g. German churches to welcome and integrate your own or other cultures in their midst. Or you are part of an international church and you can help e.g. German members to be a part of the multicultural team.

Currently we are working on a plan so that our workshops, seminars and trainings can be recognized and accredited in theological seminars. Once this process is finished you can come and train with us and this training can be accredited fo further theological studies.

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