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Every participant in our OLP training needs to have a mentor from their church. We are aware that not every church has someone that is already qualified to take on this responsibility. 

We offer training for mentors

If necessary, we can help you as a church to determine your goal (if not yet known).
Is your primary goal to start international small groups?

Would you like to become a multicultural church with an international leadership? Are you looking into church planting among International communities?

All of this determines your next steps in order to move foward. All these factors need to be taken into consideration. We would then develop a suitable strategy for your specific situation. All our OLP Resources are available to you in this process. We help you to train or identify your mentors. 

Here are some questions that we would work on with mentors: 

  • Cultural differences that should be considered 
  • How to give good feedback
  • How much time to invest
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